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Free Organ Sample Sets

for use with Hauptwerk software

The Ghent Belfry Carillon:

This is not really an organ, but it can be played like one. The Ghent Belfry is located in Belgium and is quite famous. Belfry of Ghent.

Audio samples from the Ghent Carillon

Carillon Demo sounds

Note: This version of the carillon does not sound at the actual Belgium belfry pitch. It has been re-tuned to approximately A440 pitch.
The rank may thus be extracted and added to any CODM organ as a Chimes stop.

Pitea School of Music Organ:

This is a complete 41 Stop, three manual modern organ which is located at a University in Sweden. The original samples were recorded in Hauptwerk-1 format by Lars Palo. He intended them to be used for open source organ software which did not support multiple releases. The original organ samples have less than 2 seconds reverberation time, but short releases still make a significant improvement to the overall sound. Various tweaks and corrections have been applied to the sustain samples as originally obtained.

There are three versions of this organ for Hauptwerk:
    Original 41 Stops,
    Extended 48 Stops,
    Extended 48 Stop Surround Sound.

All three versions of the sample set contain two levels of short releases and require Hauptwerk-4 to load. The latest Surround Sound version also contains a programmable, reversible sFz button.

Click the three icons to view the layouts of the three versions:






Here is the installation file for the basic 41 stop version. The file is about 710MB and will require about 1.5 GB to fully load in Hauptwerk at 16 bits.

Extended Pitea Organ:

The extended version is actually an add-on to the basic organ, so the new download is very small, only about 13MB. Of course, you have to have the basic version of Pitea installed first. It needs to be installed, but not necessarily loaded. Here is the extended download:

Pitea Surround Sound Organ:

The Surround version of the Pitea organ is a complete organ sample set and contains the same extensions as the extended version.
The rear Surround Sound ranks add noticably more reverberation to the overall organ sound, but the organ remains quite crisp with a lot of "presence". The complete extended surround sound installation file is about 1.2 GB. About 4.2GB of RAM is required to load both the front and rear ranks.
Here is he download for the Pitea Surround sample set:

These organs are free but not "freeware". The original samples were recorded by Lars Palo and provided under a Creative Commons license. The license extends to my samples since they are derived from them. The license is included in the sample set and essentially means that the organ cannot be used for commercial use and that any derivations of it are also subject to the Creative Commons license.

Calibration Organ:

This organ is useful for calibration of multichannel audio systems. It has exactly the same reference stop tones on each of it's five divisions. The manuals may be directed to different speaker channels and played sequentially. The audio channels should then be adjusted such that their sounds are identical.
Click on this icon to see the organ layout:


The Sinewave stops have level volume and are useful to check the frequency response of the audio system. The Chorus842 stops are also level and useful as reference organ sound.

Here is the installation file. It requires about 0.6 GB to fully load at 16 bits. The organ installs as organ number 888777.
Calibration Organ InstallationFile